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Penulis                : Anand Krishna

Penerbit             : Gramedia Pustaka Utama         

Tebal                   : 210 halaman

Ukuran               : 13.5 x 21 cm


This work by Anand Krishna is a fine blend of facts, legends, and analytical research. He transport us back in time to thousands, nay, hundreds of thousands of years ago, when now extinct Atlantis existed as the Centre of Civilization.

Anand’s analysis will no only interest the academia, particularly the historians, but also the laypeople passionate about the subject. In fact, he does not stop at that. It is not only the histories and misteries of the ancient Sundaland that he shares through that pages of this book, but also its age old wisdom that still relevant, and which, as the inheritors of that ancient heritage, we all should be proud of.

Drs. Soedarmono, SU

History Lecturer of Sebelas Maret University &

Chairman of Solo Heritage Community, Indonesia


Anand Krishna has taken a gigantic leap to reintroduce the ancient Sundaland as a great civilization. Through the pages of this very commendable book, he takes us beyond our present history and belief system to learn the wisdom of our forefathers. He remind us that the Wisdom of Sundaland is not a religion or a belief system, it is the very Wheel of Life that is ever revolving in harmony with Mother Nature.

Trie” iie” Utami

Artist/Writer/Vocalist, Indonesia


This work brought to my attention a tradition and wisdom that I was not previously aware of. Thank you Anand Krishna for undertaking the task of researching for and writing this book.

Gerard Barrie

Independent Arts and Crafts Professional, UK


The Wisdom of Sundaland gives us a deep insight into the ancient Indonesian history. Reading it also helps me understand the psyche of modern Indonesians. Anand Krishna once again, hits the nail on the head.

Sylvia Sucipto n

Real Estate Administration Expert, Belgium


This book is a must read for all those interested in our ancient civilizations, in the research of Atlantis and MU, in the records of the Sumerians and of ancient Egypt. A fascinating and thought-provoking read indeed.

Bhagawati Morris


The Wisdom of Sundaland

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