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Penulis                : Anand Krishna

Penerbit             : Gramedia Pustaka Utama         

Halaman            : 206

Ukuran               : 13,4 x 20 cm


Motivational speakers weaken our soul, and kill the spirit it takes to face the challenges of life. We begin to believe in outside factors to motivate us, and depend on borrowed knowledge.

This book is not about such external motivation, but about tapping the source of all wisdom and all strength within you. This source is enough to self-motivate you to undertake any task, no matter how difficult, and how challenging. For, this source drives its strength from the Limitless and the Infinite, the One Divine Force.

This very source is the Hanuman Factor within you, within me, within all of us. Tap into it now, be braver and bolder. Be stronger, and wiser. And, above all, be fearless as you face the challenges of life... Yes, NOW!

The Hanuman Factor - Life Lessons from the Most Successful Spiritual CEO

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