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Penulis : Anand Krishna

Penerbit : Koperasi Global Anand Krishna

Halaman : 122

Ukuran : 19 x 12 x 2


There has been so much emphasis on the outer forms of religion and religious rituals - that the spirit of religiousness and religiosity are completely forgotten. This must be corrected, and the Sufis alone can do it. For, they live in the very spirit of religiousness and religiosity.

And, what is this spirit? This is seeing the Face of God in all directions. This is finding God in all places. This is serving God who envelopes all that is while at the same time abiding in each and every heart.

(Brief version of this material was presented on the Conference on Sufi Movements in Contemporary Islam held in Singapore August 14-15, 2008.)

Organizers’ comments upon the presence and presentation of Anand Krishna at the conference.

Your presence, and that of Maya and Liny (author’s two colleagues accompanying him for the conference), made all the difference. Everyone seems to be happy with the outcome.
H.E. Ambassador Kesavapany – Director Institute of South East Asian Studies, Singapore

We really enjoyed your participation.
Dr. Farid Alatas – Associate Prof. And Head, Dept. Of Malay Studies National University of Singapore

Sufi Solutions to World's Problems

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