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Penulis                : Anand Krishna

Penerbit             : Gramedia Pustaka Utama         

Tebal                  : 136 halaman

Ukuran               : 13.4 x 20 cm



The present book is valuable addition to the subject of religion, having been researched and written in strictly scientific manner. The author has compiled authentic quotations directly from religious books and has left it to the reader himself to understand the crux of religion.

Maulana Wahiduddin Khan

Founder:  Centre for Peace & Spirituality, New Delhi (India)



The word Tolerance should be banned from the English dictionary. In this day and age, we cannot teach our Children to just Tolerate each other. We must strive to Build a Culture of Harmony and Mutual Respect. This compilation is a step toward that. Kudos to Anandji for this effort.

Bawa P. jain

Secretary General: World Council of Religious Leaders, New York (USA)


There are diverse views, traditions & terminologies in various religion denominations but certainly there is one converging point and common value i.e. religions speaks of for the good and wellbeing of all mankind, that what the theme of book wants to convey. Like the bee gathering honey from different flowers without harming them, the wise one sees only the good in all religions and accepts the essence of the truth of different teachings.

Ven. Sanghasena Mahatera

Founder-President: Mahabodhi International Meditation Centre, Leh Ladakh (India)


From this book we can learn what is essential for integrity of religious belief: That we show deep, honest respect towards the faith of others. Their faith might not be my faith. But since I know that the Absolute that I adore in my faith is infinitely greater than my own understanding, I gladly and humbly acknowledge that God’s Spirit embraces those of others faiths. Anand Krishna’s book of prayers opens the spiritual experiences of very different religions. The prayers are different, but we easily feel in them the healing touch of what I believe is the saving God.

Prof. Franz Magnis-Suseno SJ

Catholic Priest/Director: Post Graduate Program, Driyarkara School of Philosophy, Jakarta (Indonesia)


Anand Krishna’s insightful commentary to the prayers from many religious traditions powerfully exposes the readers to universality of the spirituality of all the religious traditions, which are equal path to peace.

Prof. Geshe Ngawang Samten

Vice Chancellor: Central University of Tibetan Studies, Sarnath ( India)

One Earth One Sky One Humankind - Celebration of Unity in Diversity (english)

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