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Penulis                : Anand Krishna

Penerbit             : Gramedia Pustaka Utama         

Tebal                  : 146 halaman

Ukuran               : 14 x 21 cm



Are we alive, or merely living? Being alive is very dynamic. It means that we are evolving all the time. Living, on the other hand, can be static. One can go on living without ever evolving!

We are living, yes... no doubt! Sadly, however, most of humanity lives in such a way that is so unconscious, and so mechanical. Far too many of us live a routine life that will someday come to an abrupt end, and then.... that's it!

This book is an invitation to live "fully", to experience life in its magnificent fullness; and, what is even more important, it is a book to show us the way to turn our lives into an unending celebration of love, peace and joy!

Life - A Traveler's Guide to Journey Within (english)

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