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Penulis : Anand Krishna

Penerbit : Koperasi Global Anand Krishna

Halaman : 142

Ukuran : 19 x 12 x 2 cm


"The contemporary ecological problems are created by all of us and we are the beings who have to deal with them. This is an axiom. It is an illusion that science and technology, no matter how powerful, can save the world from ecological disasters.”
Seized by Agreement, Swamped by Understanding
Lloyd Fell, David Russell & Alan Stewart (eds)

The author of this book believes that we have much to learn from the ancient wisdom of so called indigenous peoples, who are often marginalized by civilized society and religious institutions. He takes you on a journey through time to meet with and learn from the Baduys of Sundaland in the Indonesian archipelago and the natives of South America.

Nature is not something that must be controlled by force and manipulated according to our needs. We must approach nature with love, compassion and understanding. We all are parts and parcels of the same Existence. It is only by living in harmony with nature, that we can save the world and ourselves.

From Bali to Belo Horizonte

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